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Photo and Crochet by Ratchanee, Dieter and Tatiya

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Welcome to the family website of Ratchanee, Dieter and Tatiya. Ratchanee
is showing and offering her hand made crocheted  home decorations. On
Dieter's pages you can enjoy images taken mostly around the Maltese Islands
above and below water.

We apologise for the last weeks down time but unfortunately our main server went on permanent strike and it took us a while to get everything running on our backup. Our e-mail server is still down. So e-mails send to will not reach there destination.

Since maintaining a web server, a website, going diving and taking all the photos and doing a regular job is taking to much of our time, we decided to move our website from our home server back to a hosting provider. This will take place over the coming weekend. You may experience some downtime again during the process. But if everything goes well by mid next week everything will be working again including our e-mail accounts.

Again, we apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.


Ratchanee, Dieter and Tatiya

by Ratchanee, Dieter and Tatiya




Random pictures

  • Nautical - Galleon 01 Nautical - Galleon 01
  • Peacock worm - Sabella pavonina - All lit up Peacock worm - Sabella pavonina - All lit up
  • Scotscraig - Bulleye Scotscraig - Bulleye
  • Sliema - Seafront 01 Sliema - Seafront 01
  • Wat Sisaket 06 Wat Sisaket 06
  • Exploring the Rozi Exploring the Rozi
  • Imperial Eagle - Collapsing Aftdeck Imperial Eagle - Collapsing Aftdeck
  • Nam Pan Lake 03 Nam Pan Lake 03
  • Imperial Eagle - Divers Imperial Eagle - Divers
  • Bangkok - Chao Phraya River 02 Bangkok - Chao Phraya River 02