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St. Michael is a Canadian “TANAC” type tugboat, one of 265 built by the Central Bridge Co in Trenton, Ontario for the British Ministry of War Transport. Many were sent to the Far East, Malta, Gibraltar, and many to the ports along the African coast, for use by the royal navy and the British army. They were all diesel powered and fitted with a variety of engines, Fairbanks Morse and Vivian being the most common. During the Second World War each tug after being build would sail down from Ontario to New York (via the Erie Canal) or to Chicago and down the Mississippi River. Then were then loaded on ships and sent all over the world. The Tanac type tugboat is 19.5 meters in length had a beam of 4.91 meters and a draft of 2.35 meters when fully loaded. The tug St. Michael was scuttled together with tug 10 on the 16th May, 1998, as part of a plan to create an artificial reef at Zonqor Point in Marsascala.