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Tug Boat 2 was built by Malta Drydocks in 1975 for the Chinese Government. The tugboat meassures 30 m in length and 7.5 m at the beam. Her original name was Tuo Lun Er Hao and she was registered in Tientsin in China, but spent all her working life in Malta. Tuo Lun Er Hao and her sister tugboat Tuo Lun Yi Hao worked together on building Dock No. 6, known as the China Dock project, in French Creek of Grand Harbour of Valletta, partially financed by the Chinese government. The tugboats originally had their Chinese names on the bows, but soon became known as tug number one and tug number two. When the tugs were devolved to Maltese Kalaxlokk Co. Ltd, they were officially renamed Tug Boat 1 and Tug Boat 2. The latter was decommissioned after about 10 years in operation, and in 2000 purchased by Bezzina Marine Services Ltd. and docked at Bezzina Shipyard for 13 years. After the vessel was thoroughly cleaned and made both environmentally and diver safe, Tug Boat 2 was finally scuttled on the morning of 20th June 2013. Her sister ship Tug Boat 1, now named Anni, was still working in 2013 and was present at the scuttling.