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A total of 67 S-Class submarines were built: 29 were sold for scrap, 20 were lost during the war, 12 were sold to other navies and again were cut down for scrap iron, 4 were canceled before construction and were never built and 2 were scuttled. Of these two, one is HMS Stubborn.
Built by Cammell Laird & Co of Birkenhead UK and Launched on 11 Nov 1942 these 66 meters long S-Class submarine pennant number ‘P238’ was armed with 13 x 21 inch torpedoes. She has 6 bow torpedo tubes & 1 stern tube, 1 x 3” Gun in front of the conning tower and 1 x 20 mm Oerlikon machine gun at the back. She had a crew of 44-48 under the command of Lieutenant Duff, and later on in 1944, under Lieutenant Davies. She served in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and had her share of difficult times in these cold waters which instigated submariners’ fear on many occasions. In 1946 she was finally scuttled off Qawra Point.