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The "Carolita" was designed by Walter Pollocks & Son of Faversham in Kent, England in 1915 as self-propelled lighter to carry field guns, troops, horses and land them on shelfing beaches. The X-131 "Carolita" took action in the Dardanelles Campaign during the Gallipoli landings in 1915. By 1921 the ship was in Malta and converted into a water barge. Renamed from Coralita to Coral and finally to Carolita the ship stayed in Malta until bombed and sunk in WWII. The sinking itself is still to be revealed since there are different informations. One source is saying that the ship was bombed while tied up in Grand Harbour and later scuttled at its present location. Another source was saying that the barge was tied up next to some submarines which where the target of the raid and the "Carolita" just got hit by mistake. However, the exact cause and time of the sinking is still unknown.