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First records of the existences of the church show up when Monsignor Pietro Duzina, visited the poorly maintained chapel in 1575. A worker braking his arm saved the church from being demolished at this time. Again in 1615 report of the bad state of the chapel been forwarded and a demolition was ordered. Philipinu Gauci was offering to take care of renovation and the chapel was saved again. This event gave the chapel its known name Ta Pinu, from (Phili)Pinu. After a women passing by hearing a voice out of the chapel in 1883 various miracles have been recorded in connection with the chapel. The word was spread quickly and from than numerous pilgrims where coming to the chapel. In 1920 began the building of a new church including the old chapel. The church was finally blessed and opened to the public in 1932, while the bell tower remained unfinished until 1934.

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Ta Pinu Cathedral 07

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