About Photo and Crochet 50 cents a pic

A little history

Photo and Crochet started out in 2008 as family website from Dieter and Ratchanee. While Dieter was showing images of Maltese landscapes and the underwater world around the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino, Ratchanee was showing off her beautiful hand crocheted works. Unfortunately Ratchanee stopped her fine art work but is still showing what she’s done so far. Dieter never stopped adding images from his dives and trips.

As the website got larger we also got more visitors and requests for downloads and licenses to use our images. We added the possibility to download our images for free for private use. The demands grew and we added the possibility do download our images also for other than private use for a respective fee.

About the images

The images where originally uploaded with the intention to show landscapes and things around the Maltese Islands. Going further, I have added the underwater and sea life section to bring you closer to the fascinating Mediterranean underwater world. Before you download, please check carefully if the image meets your requirements. Some images are uploaded more for demonstration purposes rather showing of some quality. Cutting it short, what you, see is what you get. All free resized images are coming with a watermark. All paid downloads are full size copies of the original without any additional marking.

All images have been taken in good faith. If you feel, that I have taken an image of something which I should have asked for or it is inappropriate in any form, please contact me through the contact page on this website, stating “copyright” in the subject line and I will look into the matter right away.