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Image downloads

The download is the original image without watermarking. Further are images downloaded provided as seen on our website. All images and designs are made by or taken by Dieter and Ratchanee Achtelstetter or Tatiya Rupmoh and remain theire sole property exept indicated differently. Images being downloaded from our "Community Albums" may have different ownership and may differ in product description and licence of usage. Descriptions indicated in the image owners albums apply. File size, file dimensions in pixel and exif data as described on the right hand side of every image page are part of the product description. Images downloaded from theme folders may have been post processed to adjust color, saturation or contrast. This images may also have been cropped, cut or manipulated in size to emphasize only a part of a taken photo. Images downloaded from the stock folder are provided as they come direct from the camera without any post processing.


Crocheted Items

All crocheted items shown on Ratchanee’s pages are hand crocheted by Ratchanee. The descriptions below the item images apply. Since these items are handmade, you have to allow for variations in indicated size and design.