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Photo and Crochet

is our personal exhibition of images taken by Dieter or Tatiya and needle art hand made by Ratchanee.

Our images where taken while traveling, diving or just out on our balcony. You will find photos we took just to capture the beauty of the moment or we needed the image for a design.

A great part of our work is dedicated to underwater photography and the "Maltese Islands". A major part of this site is to show you what to be found under the sea. There we are not only showing images of Mediterranean sea life and wrecks. We also try to give you a little information about the captured subject.

Of course, most of the shown images are for sale. Our best works can be purchased through Red Bubble as fine art prints using a direct link at the image.

For available downloads and pricing, please check our gallery pages.


About Dieter

He is captain, diving instructor and amateur photographer, always loved to capture the beauty of the moment. When a fishing boat run in to his little sailing yacht during a stormy night in 2005, he lost most of his work, including lots of negatives, paper photographs two hard drives and of course the loved cameras. By now he got a camera back and has dedicated his work to underwater photography and capturing the beauty of the "Maltese Islands".


About Ratchanee

From childhood on she was attracted to needle arts. She started crocheting at school and has been doing it since. Always designing something and very soon a little doily for the living room table, a table cloth for her mum’s birthday, a throw for her daughter’s bed, wasn’t enough anymore. So she started experimenting with cloth for dolls, soft toys and doing bikinis. In our days she also picked up on knitting and cross stitch. Her work can be seen on Ratchanee’s pages. If you like her work, please rate it with five stars. In case you would like to own one of beautiful artwork, please contact her on ratchanee@photoandcrochet.com.